Techvanguard is a technology specialist company with cutting edge machine learning competence. We deliver custom built services within analytics, data, and visualizations.

In a field that’s driven by markets such as IOT, Retail, and Energy, we have extensive experience in delivering concrete solutions. Our custom solutions are based on true and tried technology, as well as the latest research coming from AI, Data Science Processes, and Cloud Computing.

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Artificial intelligence

At Techvanguard, we have years of artificial intelligence experience in practice, working with prediction and data mining for retail, e-commerce, marketing, energy, advertising and most any area you can think of.

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Data science

By understanding the close interaction between data pipelining, machine learning, statistics and business insights, we develop custom systems and offer consultancy services to help you get data driven decisions and actions from your data.

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Big data analysis

Because we love visualizations, we specialize in aggregating and analyzing data from clusters with big data and getting it into dashboards. Either hire us for custom projects, or use our visuals directly!

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We leverage our machine learning and AI experience to take predictive applications to the next level. Techvanguard develops the API that can be deployed in the most complex sites, while also building the prototype or web based applications for you. If you need an end to end product built for your own business unit, we deliver. When you are looking to productionize your application with your digital marketing data, we deliver.